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SUR AUSTRU "Meteahna Timpurilor"


“Meteahna Timpurilor”

When Negru passed away early in 2017, it brought an end of Romania’s #1 metal export, the unearthly NEGURA BUNGET. That band’s style was utterly unique and seemed to embody all the darkness and breathless mystery of Transylvania’s mountains and forests. I didn’t think we would ever see an adequate replacement for NEGURA BUNGET, but stepping out of that band’s shadow is SUR AUSTRU, who are here to continue Negru’s work.

This is difficult, challenging music, especially if you are raised on nothing but relentless metal. You really have to put yourself into a different mindset to get the most out of it. Fortunately, SUR AUSTRU pick up where NEGURA BUNGET left off. If you were a fan of NEGURA’s seminal “Virstele Pamintului” album you’ll love “Meteahna Timpurilor”. It has the same combo of timeless, eerie Romanian folk music and extreme metal. Former NEGURA member Kati Tibor has stepped up to provide the voice of the band. One noticeable difference is that …

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