ROSS THE BOSS "Born of Fire"


"Born Of Fire"

ROSS THE BOSS Friedman has been cranking out hard and heavy music for more than 40 years and he hasn't slowed down, mellowed out or compromised one bit.On "Born of Fire", he's as jacked up and fierce as he's ever been. This album is a statement. ROSS and his band deliver a lean and mean metal album full of piss and vinegar that only vaguely sounds like classic MANOWAR. The songs are short and sharp like an assassin's blade. He's left the overdone symphonics and histrionics to MANOWAR...the first few tracks hear owe more to THE DICTATORS with their brisk energy.

The album starts like a machine gun, with a barrage of short, fast and energetic tunes. ROSS is wailing on guitar from the opening seconds of "Glory To The Slain" and the pace is quick until we get to track #6, "Maiden of Shadows", where some of the more epic elements begin to arise. "I Am The Sword" and "Denied By The Cross" in particular pack a punch. This is a good place to mention the anger of the vocalist, who snarls throughout the album like a pissed off Ronnie Munroe of METAL CHURCH fame. This dude doesn't sound a bit like Eric Adams and doesn't try to...I give him full credit for going that route.

The record does ease up for the final three songs. "Waking The Moon" has a kind of bluesy chug that's more hard rock oriented, "Undying" is catchy power metal with a singalong chorus and the final song "The Blackest Heart" is the slowest and moodiest here. I have to say it makes for a strange and somewhat disappointing climax to an album bristling with energy.

ROSS means business on "Born of Fire" and doesn't mess around a bit. It's amazing a guy can have this much fire so many years into his career...he sets a great example for all who follow!




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