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MEMORIAM "Requiem For Mankind"

DOGBANE "Idylls of Woe"

HATRIOT "From Days Unto Darkness"

IMMORTAL BIRD "Thrive On Neglect"

VOMIT ANGEL "Imprint of Extinction"

CABLE "Take The Stairs To Hell"

BLOODY HAMMERS "The Summoning"

ANTICOSM "The Call of the Void"

DEMIURGON "The Oblivious Lure"

THE MEADS OF ASPHODEL "Running Out of Time Doing Nothing"

GAAHL'S WYRD "GastiR-Ghosts Invited"

EXCUSE "Prophets From the Occultic Cosmos"

HATE "Auric Gates of Veles"



FAIRIE RING "The Clearing"

WARCRAB "Damned In Eternal Night"

CONCRETE FUNERAL "Ultimum Judicium"

ARES KINGDOM "By the Light of Their Destruction"