NECROBODE "Sob o Feitico do Necrobode"


"Sob o Feitico do Necrobode"

Portugal is ablaze with heavy metal fever right now. The little Iberian nation, often in the shadow of neighbor Spain, is starting to emerge as a force in the world metal scene. There have been more Portuguese bands coming across my desk this year than I can count. One of the blackest and nastiest is NECROBODE. If you're looking for the Portuguese equivalent of HELLHAMMER and BEHERIT, here it is.

This is simple, brutal stuff. Dank and crusty rifferama with a sick groove to it that can often speed up to an infernal blast. The songs are short and to the point and easy on the brain. I can't speak Portuguese a lick, but even I can tell what song titles like "Satanas Governa" and "Penetracijo Diabolica" are about. NECROBODE is far from the most novel thing you'll hear, but they tweak the songs just enough so that they aren't and out and out cloning of HELLHAMMER (early BENEDICTION also comes to mind here). The vocals are drenched is distorted reverb and boast a lot of "UUUGGGH" and "EEYOOOWWW" in them. Top tracks for me would be "Sangue da Virgen" (3 guesses what that's about) and the aforementioned "Satanas Governa".

These guys fit the Iron Bonehead roster like a spiked steel glove. Not really unique enough to reach the top level, NECROBODE still provide a demonic good time.


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