"Death Frequency"

VIVA LOS PUNKS! This is the angriest Spanish language barrage since the Inquisition! There's a long history of Latino punks, especially in SoCal, and this is as good as anything I've ever heard from such a band. More of a mini-LP than a true full length, this rages from the first note until the last and is an awesome paella featuring hardcore, d-beat, thrash and just straight up punk aggression.

I'm surprised to see the guitarist is Brad Boatwright, who is quite a well regarded producer in the heavy music feel. Based on the bands he's worked with, I didn't know he had this in him. The sound on "Death Frequency" is just absolutely perfect...great crusty guitars and excellent "live" bass and drums. Yowling in Spanish is vocalist Eduardo Agostocrates and he, too, fits the sound of FDM perfectly with his angry but human shouts. The opening tune here is quite atypical, because it lasts over five minutes. It starts with some super cool ominous chug that's power packed and builds with a lot of tension, until the band hits the gas and blasts into a thrashy blast of hardcore. From there, the songs are shorter but they rip with maximum impact. "Parasitos Mentales" has a strong MOTORHEAD feel from the "Ace of Spades"/"Iron Fist" era while "Frecuencia Muerte" comes across like a Latino AGNOSTIC FRONT. "Pacto Mortal' and "F. 'Em" are d-beat ragers but the best is saved for last as "Alarmas" just blows the roof off with killer riffing that sounds kinda familiar but I'm damned if I can place who it reminds me of.

This is just great hardcore and my favorite record of this type this year. Definitely something that punks and thrashers can unite over!


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