BEAST OF REVELATION "The Ancient Ritual of Death"


“The Ancient Ritual of Death”

There’s some high-powered veteran offense on display in BEAST OF REVELATION. Vocals and bass are delivered by no less than John McEntee of INCANTATION and FUNERUS, a man who’s had his gnarly finger on the pulse of rotten death metal for about 3 decades now. That’s a major component right there. Adding drumbeats to the BEAST is Bob Bagchus once of ASPHYX, now a part of INFIDEL REICH, HELLEHOND and more...another solid veteran. The agonizing guitars come from A.J. Drenth from the bands TEMPLE and THRONE. I’m not too familiar with them, but I’m guessing they don’t play pop punk or synthwave.

As you may have guessed even without the uncanny intuition of Sherlock Holmes, BEAST OF REVELATION specialize in foul, torturous doom/death metal. It is very similar to the slower ASPHYX numbers, particularly on that band’s underrated self-titled album. McEntee’s demonic growls also give things an INCANTATION shine. These guys know what they’re doing, they know how deliver maximum guts and gore. I think first song “Legions” vomits up the best representation of B.O.R….this song is truly a crawling monster of doom. Some ghostly Gothic-ness arises on “The Fallen Ones” and the title track is a grueling ride over a dismal funeral landscape.

Derivative it is, but also highly effective. I hope this is more than a one time offering but I’ m not getting my hopes up.




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