INNARDS "Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face" COLOSSO "Apocalypse"

INNARDS "Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face"

COLOSSO "Apocalypse"

I've noticed a big upsurge of metal bands coming from Portugal recently. It seems this small European country is finally discovering the power of metal and reveling in it. Good for them! Here we have two EPs from death metal bands, but you couldn't find two more different version of death metal if you tried.

INNARDS really want to be MASSACRE..really, really badly! "Back From The Grave, Straight In Your Face" provides 3 tracks of total MASSACRE worship. In fact, it's so MASSACRE oriented that none other Kam Lee, original MASSACRE vocalist, adds his trademark growls to the project. SODOM's Frank Blackfire is along for the ride, too. Each of these three tracks, obviously inspired by horror and gore, are very basic morbid death metal based on catchy, grooving riffs. The tracks are almost shockingly unoriginal, but they are hard to hate. This is the kind of old school sickness that will always get the neck loose. So if you're looking for MASSACRE style DM that Kam Lee himself endorses, look out for INNARDS!

COLOSSO could not be more different. "Apocalypse" features 4 songs with each track inspired by one of the mythical 4 Horsemen. This is certainly NOT that comfy, old school type of groovy death metal. It is instead very doomy and almost impossibly oppressive, with modern chilly dissonance and nothing "catchy" at all. Vocals are very extreme, in the manner of many ultra-brutal and "slam" death metal bands. One exception is the song "Death", which features a kind of monotonous clean crooning that got old very fast. The band features members of many other Portuguese bands such as OAK and GROG. First song "Pestilence" is almost unbearably grim death/doom while the other three are shorter but still really dense and hopeless.

COLOSSO is really the more original and challenging band, but they are almost too depressing for their own good. INNARDS is more instantly enjoyablye, but are frankly a tribute band.


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