DIRTY RATS "End In Tears"


 “End In Tears”

Less than a year after their raucous debut “Rock N Roll”, the DIRTY RATS are back at it with “End In Tears”. These scruffy Aussies are dead serious about their diesel-fueled whiskey snortin’ hard rock and this effort shows they are right up there with AIRBOURNE in the AC/DC inspired rock sweepstakes. In fact, I would say they are beating AC/DC at their own game.

This follows right along from “Rock N Roll” only it seems to be even harder and meaner. This time around there are some tracks like “Axis of Love” and “Bad News Woman” that barrel along like they were from MOTORHEAD’s catalogue. Every cut here has maximum crunch in the guitars and a locked in rhythm section. “Fantasy”, “Jaded” and “The Ballad of Hobbit Foot” are definitely in the OLD AC/DC and ROSE TATTOO school of riff rockers. One thing that is a bit different is Wayne Rich’s more melodic vocal style, although he does have the swagger necessary to accompany these tunes.

“Hurts Like A Mother” is a bit of an experiment that is long than the usual RATS tune and darker in feel, almost like a boozier DANZIG. Not sure if that works all that well. Last song “Rock Star” is almost pure blues and not as hard driving as the other songs, but that’s OK because it shows where DIRTY RATS are coming from.

This is a super enjoyable album of pure crunchy Australian hard rock. The band is still not on a label, which boggles the mind, so head to their website and order this up without delay!



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