WORM "Gloomlord"



How old school is WORM? They aren’t even bothering to put out a CD for “Gloomlord”...this is LP and tape only!

This Florida outfit specializes in an ultra-glum brand of plodding death metal with Gothic touches. It is resolutely old-fashioned and draws influence from musty old names such as DISEMBOWELMENT and THERGOTHON. So yes, master, this is funeral doom/death we are speaking of, dragging itself out of the crypts with painfully slow movements archaic atmosphere. They mix the gloomy clean notes of DISEMBOWELMENT with dragging, death metal ala INCANTATION and the more obscure GOATLORD.

There are some strong moments here and I like the catchy plodding riffs, but it also meanders aimlessly, particularly on the overlong tracks “Rotting Spheres of Sentient Black” and “Abysmal Dimensions”, which just kind of shuffle along. I can say that WORM has promise but needs more refinement before they can get the full Mality endorsement.




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